How sweet it is to hear the words clear to close, in fact the only thing I like better is sitting down at closing and watching the final documents come together for happy clients .  Clear to close means your sweat, blood and tears came to fruition and your loan is ready to close.  

The problem for many is that often times the journey can be frustrating and difficult.  Here are a few tips to help you on your path to closing.

  1. Please be Johnny-on-the-spot.  Your willingness to quickly respond and promptly provide documentation is the most critical piece and makes me giddy with joy.  Seriously it does.
  2. Don’t make changes.  Don’t add debt (we recheck right before closing), don’t change your job situation (a verbal verification of employment happens at closing) and don’t deposit large sums unless you are able to paper-trail the transaction.  
  3. Patience is a virtue.  There are a lot of moving parts behind the scenes during the loan process and appreciate your patience.  We will do our best to get your loan through the system as quickly as possible and stay in touch with you throughout.  
  4. Underwriting conditions.  We try to be as thorough as possible with your loan, but there are almost always additional requirements at final underwriting.  They are usually fairly minor, but it helps if you know to expect this.

Bliss Sawyer’s Mortgage Team works hard to help you through the process to get into your new home with the least amount of stress.  Your assistance with these items will get you there quickly and then we can all do the happy dance together when you get your Clear to Close!  

Please contact us know if you have any questions!