It definitely takes a village to get a loan from start to finish, and luckily for me, I am surrounded by a village of rock stars! From my underwriter that has been in the business nearly 20 years to my processor that has over 10 year’s experience; I can always find answers to burning questions like “Can I use Aunt Edith’s birthday money for my down payment?” or “Is income from a lemonade stand allowed?”

Every loan is different and you need to work with an experienced team. And nice. Nice is definitely NOT over-rated and we take nice to the highest level as we walk you through each step. The mortgage process has become excessively complicated and we understand that you need a team that will answer your questions and help you through the maze of conditions and requirements. We hold your hand…. in a virtual kinda way that gives you a warm-fuzzy. Because that is what nice, amazingly experienced mortgage teams do.

Bliss Sawyer

Master of the Universe Loan Officer

My job is to help you discover how much of a home you can afford and make sure you get the best loan for your situation. From prequalification to credit approval to loan application, I am there to help you!

I have been in the business for over 25 years. Yes, I started when I was still toddling around in diapers and barely knew how to spell mortgage. I also own a coaching and training company that helps others achieve raging success in their mortgage business.

I am the mother of four amazing, mostly adult-acting people. Again, not sure how that happened since I am so young and all. The absolute best part of my family is the grands. Jaxson, Kiah Bliss and Lily have my heart and pretty much anything else they want. I am married to Professor Honey-buns who spends a little bit of time teaching Exercise Science and a lot of time supporting my crazy ideas.

Speaking of crazy – I also love to bike. And set goals. 50 miles in all 50 states (I am currently at 33).  It’s how I laugh at the ever-encroaching rocking chair of my future.

I am PASSIONATE about helping others with their home ownership goals and absolutely LOVE my job. It isn’t always easy and I have been caught railing against difficult rules and regulations; but there isn’t anything else I would rather be doing with my life and I look forward to helping you with your next loan.

Tyson Cook

Warrior Loan Partner

As Bliss’ Loan Partner I support Team Bliss and make sure that your home buying experience is a fantastic one.  I am technically a millennial, but don’t hold that against me! I am committed to helping the younger generation find affordable housing to kick start their future and help them stay out of mom’s basement.  I am a licensed loan officer and also dabble in social media marketing and videography.

While I love helping people through the loan process, my wife and three children occupy the top spot in my life.  I enjoy learning, have a masters degree in economics, love to be outside, am working towards becoming a licensed drone pilot, and closely follow our the Jazz and the Cougars.

Joanie Durant

Production Manager Extraordinaire

As Team Bliss’ Production Manager, I have the privilege of assisting our clients with the loan process from application to closing; by gathering documents, updating clients as well as being an awesome support system.  Simplifying the process and providing outstanding customer care and support is one of the many highlights of my role.

On top of having the coolest career, I am also lucky enough to be married to my best friend!  We are proud parents of two amazing individuals.  When I’m not busy being awesome, you can find me reading, crafting, exploring new things, watching TV and playing video games.

“Bliss went out of her way to help us and even returned my DL while on a bike ride. She went the extra mile. Pun intended. We were able to refinance our house and roll two loans into one and even had enough left over to finish our basement. Thank you, Bliss!”

– Ethan Peavey

Have a mortgage question? We're here to help!

Have a mortgage question? We're here to help!