One of the best things about my job is helping people become homeowners, and it is even more touching when it is a client like Erika.  Erika was pregnant with her fourth child when her husband unexpectedly passed away.  There was no life insurance, no assets and little income and Erika did not think she would be able to buy a home.  

The problem is that renting a home that would fit her little family of five was MORE expensive than buying a home so she had been living with a friend temporarily while trying to figure things out. Luckily for Erika, she knew an amazing Realtor.  Her agent, Courtney, encouraged her to give me a call to see what options she might have.  Through the USDA loan program we were able to get this amazing family into a home with a payment that was less than a  comparable rental.

It was one of those transactions I feel blessed to have been a small part of.