I recently did a loan for a couple that was one of my first clients way back in the last century when they were first married and buying a little tiny house in Smithfield, Utah. At closing, we were reminiscing about the past 20 years and it amazed me to think we both now have adult children and are worried about our retirement accounts.

These interactions are priceless to me. For years now, I have used the motto above. We may not know each other when we start working together, but by the time we get to closing, I hope we are friends! And even though we go our separate ways… you to live happily ever after in your new home and me to save the world one mortgage at a time; I am always available to help with mortgage-related questions or concerns and hopefully assist your friends and family with their next mortgage.

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Bliss was wonderful to work with! We built a new home and Bliss and her team were ready to close as soon as we got word from the builder. She got us a better rate and lower payment than the builder’s preferred lender. She is knowledgeable and takes the time to answer questions fully. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Celeste Loveland

“We started the loan process with two other companies hoping to compare services and rates. I wanted to use the credit union which I have been a member of for many years, but their representative, along with another one recommended dropped the ball, and didn’t follow through when additional documentation was required. The process was more difficult, as we were buying a home with my son, who was a first time home buyer. The other lenders did not seem willing to do the extra work, or didn’t have the knowledge base to make it happen. Bliss stayed with us, no matter what, knew what to do, and skillfully did the work necessary to get the job done. We closed a week ahead of schedule!

David & Melody Young

We had a great experience working with Bliss. There was a lot we had to do to bring it all together as we’re self – employed but Bliss made sure we knew what we needed to do and kept really good track of how we were doing. She and her team were always very responsive when we had questions.
Kimball Romney

“Bliss was amazing! She’s smart, efficient, and takes care of her clients! She goes the extra mile – educating them about all the loan options available and tries to get them the very best deal! I was so impressed with her! I will never go anywhere else!”
Amy Hickenlooper

“We loved working with Bliss. From the very beginning she treated us with respect and helped us all along the way. We were first time home buyers and didn’t know much about the process. She was kind and helped us learn. She gave us the best advice at closing and we really appreciated that she had our best interest at heart.”
Kennedy Walker

“I couldn’t recommend Bliss more highly! She and her company are awesome to work with. Bliss is very personable, and looks out for what is in your best interest. We were first-time home buyers and she made sure that we understood what was happening. She cares about the individual, not just the sell.”
Spencer & Melanie Black

“We bought our first home through Bliss. I interviewed a few other lenders, and she was by far the best at explaining and answering questions. She knew what she was talking about. Very pleasant and easy to work with. She even went above and beyond in keeping our fees the same between the good faith estimate and closing. We would definitely use her again.”
Weston Hullinger

“This was our first experience with the home buying process and Bliss was great at making sure we understood everything. We also loved how quickly she got things done, from responding to questions, to getting paperwork processed, to letting us know what else she needed from us. We would definitely recommend Bliss to friends and family.”
Brendalyn Embley

“We had such an amazing experience with Bliss. We first met with her and were floored when we closed eight days later. Eight days! Bliss took us on very last minute in our buying process because our original provider dropped the ball. We were immediately impressed with her professionalism, how quickly she understood our situation, and her ability to take good care of us during a stressful but exciting life change. On top of all of this, she also got us a lower interest rate. She came highly recommended, and it’s easy to see why. We love our new home and recommend her to all of our acquaintances, friends and family without hesitation.”
Rachel & Alex Burymski

“Working with Bliss means I never have to worry. I know when I close a transaction with her every ‘i’ will be dotted and every ‘t’ will be crossed. I’ve been in this business a very long time and I learned very quickly that my job becomes exponentially less stressful when I work with talented people who thoroughly understand and execute their job and that is exactly what Bliss does. I know with confidence that if Bliss says it can’t be done, it can’t be done, and that if it can be done, it’ll be Bliss that gets it done. I give her my highest recommendation to anyone looking to purchase a home.”
SuAnne Hoffman, REALTOR

“Bliss was hands down one of the best people my wife and I could’ve talked to when buying our first home. She made everything SUPER simple, didn’t make me feel stupid for asking 1000 questions and responded super quick to any questions we had throughout the process. Highly recommended!”

Grant & Abigail Kniff

“Bliss Sawyer is one of the best in her industry for a reason. She is fast, efficient and knowledgeable. She has pulled big and small miracles for my clients. Partner this excellence with access to one of the largest databases of Mortgage options and you have a win/win all the way around.”
Courtney Tetrick, REALTOR

“We worked with Team Bliss at Security Home Mortgage and were super pleased! the process was easy and I would use Bliss again for future loans.”

Ben Hunter & Camie Baron

“Bliss and her team were wonderful to work with! They informed us of the details of the mortgage process in a timely and instructive manner. I really appreciated the quick videos she sent that explained the details of each step and what to expect next. She was always one step ahead of us. The process of buying and selling a home is very stressful. Mortgages by Bliss takes out all the stress from the lending perspective. Pleasantly surprised by her thoughtful gifts along the way as well. You won’t regret working with this fabulous team!”

Stein & Ashleigh Ingebrigsten

“Bliss and her team were great! They explained everything really well throughout the process, and were very accessible for any of the questions that we had. We also appreciated how they were able to push our close through a little faster, and they kept us up to date with the status of the loan at every step of the process. Also got us an amazing rate! Definitely recommend!
Robert & Rebekah Jensen

Our Love to You

Movie Events

Each year, we host a customer appreciation event at a local movie theater. I love to reconnect and spoil my past clients with giveaways!  I look forward to seeing you there!


Our yearly “Pictures with Santa” event, coupled with a food drive for the local food bank, is held in our office each December. This is a great opportunity for you to bring the kiddos (or grand-kiddos) to sit on Santa’s lap and get a picture taken. We can reconnect while the kids get hyped up on sugar.


You can also find information through our Facebook, Instagram, and Blog. The Mortgage world is always changing and my goal is to keep you informed and maybe even a little entertained along the way. Then hopefully you think of us for your next house and share our information with friends and family.

Share Bliss!

Connect your friends and family with Bliss Sawyer’s Mortgage Team.

World’s Best Closing Gift

When you close a loan with us, you get help moving into your new crib. We give you a $300 gift certificate to Big Boy Movers. And boy those boys can move!! You get two guys for four hours. Your family and friends will thank us.  Check out our video here!

“Bliss gave me the use of a couple of moving guys, The Big Boy Movers. They, along with the other help that I had, were able to get all my heavy stuff moved within about 2 1/2 hours. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without this extra help, and I didn’t have to worry about more moving expenses because Bliss covered it. Thank you so much, Bliss, the help you gave me was priceless!”

– Cindee Bahr