Quite a while ago, I went wandering around the internet looking at mortgage websites. I had this grain of an idea to do a little revamping and wanted to see what was out there. This may come as a shock to you, but 99.9% of mortgage websites are boring. And not very useful. And boring. So I decided to do something not-boring. Something that could actually help those going through the often stressful process of getting a mortgage.

One thing led to another and MortgagesbyBliss.com was re-birthed. New, improved and hip. Or at least as hip as my conservative, slightly-older self would let it be. Luckily, I also had some amazing help along the way from my production manager, Christine and Web Designer, Nate Stitt, from Stitt Creative.

Here’s a taste of what you will find over on the new site Team Bliss – It takes a village to get a mortgage from start to finish and I have the best village…. A perfect village with white picket fences, rose gardens, and cozy fires blazing away.

  • Team Bliss – Spend a minute getting to know my team and you will understand why I feel so blessed.
  • Resources – Sounds boring but if want to buy a house, this information might just save your bacon, or at least keep you from getting frustrated. We’ve compiled to-do lists, flow charts and other fascinating reading.
  • Not Just a Client – Nope, you are much, much more than just a client (hi Mom!). I am here to serve you – to infinity and beyond. Any mortgage-related question, any time. You can even call me with non-mortgage related questions. I’ll google it for you.
  • Giving Back – Here is where we share a little love. It’s what makes the world go round and is truly one of the reasons we work. Serving – you and others – is what gets us fired up!

Now back to you – Do you have suggestions for the new website? I would love to hear them! Did I spell something wrong or have a suggestive innuendo that isn’t appropriate? Please let me know. That’s what friends do.

You will also make my day by sharing this website with anyone you know looking for a mortgage. Along with your 1,287 friends on Facebook and instagram, I will be giddy with happiness.