In the video below, I share a really important reason to make sure you are not house-poor when you buy a home.  There are so many things going through your mind you are looking at homes; size, neighborhood, schools, condition etc. that sometimes it’s easy to not take time to really analyze what the new house payment will look like in your monthly budget.

In the mortgage world, I can qualify clients up to 45% and sometimes above 50% of GROSS income for the combined consumer and housing debt.  That is BEFORE taxes.  So if you don’t have other income sources that we aren’t using to qualify, then you are one broken water heater or set of new tires away from missing a mortgage payment and financial stress.


This is why it is so important to talk to a mortgage professional (me!) that can help you analyze your full financial situation and make sure that you will be comfortable not only living in your new home but making that payment each month.   Feel free to call, text or email me to discuss your loan options!