I have been blessed to work with Builders without Borders of Utah for a number of years.  This group serves in Mexico building and fixing homes for families in need.  They also teach job skills to help the beautiful people there to better their lives.

My daughter first went when she was was thirteen and just completed her sixth trip.  These experiences have helped her decide on a dual major of Anthropology and Peace and Justice so she can have a career in humanitarian work.  I recently stumbled on an essay she wrote a few years back for a school assignment and felt it beautifully described our experience serving.

Nearly a year ago I found myself building a home for the most beautiful family in Tijuana, Mexico. What’s so humbling about the experience is that even though all we can give them is a home with unfinished floors and walls half plastered with stucco, they can’t imagine anything more spectacular. And seeing that this was all I could do for them, and that there were still millions of families that don’t even own a home, well it killed me inside. I thought everything I did could never be enough because I could never truly change the world. I completely believed this until we gave the house to this family. After we had given them the keys one of the boys left, he came back with a little rock for me. It wasn’t a piece of gold or silver; it really had no significance to the world. But to me, it had worth beyond any earthly prize.

Despite how painful it is, I’m trying to accept that the world is not perfect and it never will be. I cannot fix every problem I see. Maybe I can’t give every one a home and you know what, even with all that I still believe that I have the power to change the world. I have the power to change at least one person’s world. I know I can do that. And isn’t that enough to know that this one single human being can look at you and say that you fixed their world?
We shouldn’t give up. The world is full of individuals that need uplifting. And I know it’s possible to create a better Earth, because we have power.

First of all, that made this mama’s heart (and eyes) swell up a few sizes.  But it also made me grateful for an organization that has had such a profound impact on a young girl.  If you would like more information about Builders without Borders, feel free to contact me or visit their website.