via GIPHY I just had a conversation with a past client… he bought his house in Salt Lake five years ago for $285,000.  It is now worth $512,000.  THAT’S AN 80% INCREASE IN VALUE.  Talk about crazy!  The other thing I love is that he was only 21 when he bought his...

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A Little Glance at History

Yes, interest rates have gone up over the past couple of months, but it is still a GREAT time to buy a home.  This chart shows a history of rates.. it’s hard to even imagine rates above 5%, but that is where they have historically been for DECADES. 30 year mortgage...

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One Word

Last year (2017) I picked EXCEPTIONAL as my One Word for the year.  Our goal was to improve our systems and work-flow so that clients and Realtors find their experience with us to be as simple and stress-free a possible. After working diligently on this, We have...

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